Warranty and Repair

Limited Product Warranty

Compuware provides a 3-year limited warranty service, the warranty period starts from the date of shipment.

The limited warranty means that when the following circumstances occur, Compuware will be exempted from the responsibility of warranty repairs or have the right to charge for repairs at their discretion.

  1. Product damage caused by man-made, natural disasters or abnormal operations.
  2. The user disassembles and repairs or the product warranty seal is damaged.
  3. The product is damp or immersed in water causing serious oxidation or corrosion of electronic parts.

Repair Costs and Freight

Repair fees and shipping fees will be depending on warranty status, please refer to details below:


Within warranty period

  1. The repair is completely free for three years within the warranty period. That is, free of inspection fees, repair fees, parts fees, etc.
  2. The shipping cost of products delivered to Compuware Customer Service Center shall be borne by the customer.
  3. The shipping fee after the product is repaired will be borne by Compuware.

Exceeded warranty period

  1. Fees for testing, repair, parts, etc. will be charged.
  2. Compuware will quote a price based on the repair status after the inspection, please decide whether to repair it or not. If you do not agree to repair, the repair product will be sent back directly, but the inspection fee will be charged.
  3. The shipping cost of products delivered to Compuware Customer Service Center shall be borne by the customer.
  4. The freight after product repaired is borne by Compuware Technology.

Repair Application Process

When the product is damaged, please contact the original dealer or apply for repair service from Compuware directly. The application procedures are as follows:



Please download and fill in the RMA application form and email it to RMA@compuware.com.tw to obtain the RMA number.

Download RMA Form 



After obtaining the RMA number, please clearly mark the RMA number on the outer box of the repair product, and send the product together with the repair application form to Compuware Customer Service Center.

Compuware Customer Service Center

Address: 3465 / Customer Service Center, 3rd Floor, No. 306, Chang'an Street, Bade District, Taoyuan City

Phone: +886-0800-000-309

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