From massive data computing to real-time information transmission, the latest technologies such as cloud, AI, big data, and IoT require powerful servers to provide faster computing speeds. This also makes server (especially high-end models) software and hardware design challenging. Under the condition of minimal rack space, the Ultra Slim power supply can provide a more flexible design space for the server, thereby creating products with better performance, more stability and thus more competitiveness.

Exclusive 38mm Ultra Slim Power Supply

Compuware's Ultra Slim power supply with its advanced technology is only 38mm in width, saving nearly double the space required for power supplies. Providing greater and more flexible design space:

More CPU or GPU

Increase the computing power of the server

Increased memory

Larger motherboard space, more memories can be inserted

Better airflow and heat dissipation

Make the products more stable

Main Components Of A Server (Space Saving Chart)

There are many parts to a server, which is different for every server, however, there are parts that ever server must have in some way shape or form:

Main Components Of A Server

Space Comparison

Power Supply Width Compared with Compuware 38mm
CRPS 73.5mm Extra 34.5mm
Standard Slim Model 54.5mm Extra 16.5mm
Compuware Slim Line 50mm Extra 12mm
Compuware Ultra Slim 45mm Extra 7mm

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