“96% power efficiency" means that 96% power will be used effectively when the system is operating, only 4% of it will be lost. For example, if a server requires 2000W of power, a power supply with 2,083W output with a efficiency rate of 96% is enough; while a 2,500W of output power is required with only 80% efficiency, there is a shortage of 417W. (2,500W-2,083W=417W). The higher the efficiency rate the more electricity will be saved.

Why Use A Power Supply With High Power Efficiency

Energy saving

Less power loss means less power waste; also means less demand on the power supply.

Environmental friendly

Less energy and electricity use reduces demand and carbon emissions. This is environmentally friendly green technology.

Money Saving

Ineffective electricity and energy consumption should not be used for equipment, however electricity is still consumed.


Ineffective power or energy consumption is usually converted into heat, which will cause more heat dissipation requirements, excessive system operation, and cause damage to the system and its accessories.


The requirements of various countries on power efficiency rate are becoming more and more stringent. Only high-efficiency power supplies can be sold in Europe and the United States. This will also be the future trend.

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If All The Data Center In The World Uses Compuware Titanium Power Supply

3.28 billion kilowatts of electricity will be saved in one year, equivalent to:

3.28 billion kilowatts of electricity will be saved in one year

Compuware’s Diverse Titanium Power Supplies




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